À propos de nous

Founded in 2017, Shuiming E-commerce initially focused on domestic trade. In 2023, we expanded to Hong Kong, becoming Netstar International (Hong Kong) Limited. With innovative products like insecticides and heating solutions, we have grown to export globally. We currently have overseas warehouses in the United States for efficient delivery and use other sales channels to serve the UK and Europe. We are actively working on establishing more distribution points to provide cost-effective and timely delivery services.



Our Brand

Galtville is our flagship brand, known for its high-quality and innovative electronic products. From effective mosquito control solutions to advanced body care devices, Galtville products are designed to enhance your daily life.

Our Team
Brand SalesOur sales channels include major online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Walmart, as well as our own e-commerce platform. We are committed to providing our customers with easy access to our products through these diverse channels.
Customer Service
We boast a professional customer service team with 5 years of experience, dedicated to communicating with customers and resolving any issues that may arise during product use.
Our team is here to ensure your satisfaction and provide support whenever you need it.Global Sales TeamOur sales team comprises professionals from around the world, including members from India, Pakistan, Europe (Spain), and the United States.
This diverse team brings a wealth of experience and a global perspective, allowing us to effectively serve our international customer base.Contact UsFor any inquiries or support, please reach out to us through our various contact options.

We value your feedback and are here to assist you.Thank you for choosing Galtville and Netstar International.

We look forward to serving you and continuing our mission to bring innovative solutions to customers worldwide.